How to Prevent Water Droplets on Your GoPro

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’ve picked the perfect mount, you’ve dialled in the camera settings perfectly, and you’re in a great location with great lighting. The stars align, and you capture that perfect moment on your GoPro. You excitedly check the footage, and you are upset to find that your perfect moment has been tarnished with a water drop on the lens… or snow… or mud… Sadness ensues.

Now you’re asking yourself: How do I prevent water droplets on my GoPro? There are a few decent options…

#1 Lick it!

The little trick comes from surfing circles on coasts around the world. Most surfers know you can lick your GoPro lens to temporarily keep the water droplets off your lens. Great in a pinch.

Before going in the water, lick the lens to cover it in spit. Dunk the GoPro in water just before you want to start shooting. Re-lick as needed. Spitting on the lens and then wiping it off with your finger has a similar effect.

Pros: Easy to do. Free.
Cons: Not the most effective. Potentially unhygienic.

#2 Rain-X

Normally used to increase visibility through your windshield while it’s raining, Rain-X will prevent water droplets from forming on your GoPro. While effective, the product can damage the plastic over time and actually make your lens less clear.

Pros: Effective over short term.
Cons: Can damage the plastic of the outer GoPro housing.

#3 GoHydrophobic

One of the best solutions to water sticking to your GoPro lens is to purchase a lens protector from GoHydrophobic. These lenses are applied in the same way a screen protector on a cell phone would be. They are economically priced, easy to apply and remove, and last months. Get one here!

Pros: Cheap. Effective.
Cons: Need to be replaced every few months.

We have been upset more than once to find our awesome cliff jump or wakeboarding session ruined by water sticking to the lens of our GoPro during filming. These are 3 quick and easy ways to solve that problem. We think you will find GoHydrophobic to be the ultimate fix for water on your lens.